Course Details

You’ve made your way to paradise, so let’s enjoy a round of golf that celebrates the natural beauty of our barrier islands. Going back to the first days of golf on the island, Sanibel Island Golf Club was created to blend with the island. And almost 50 years later, it still does. Come and enjoy...



Ease into your round on this straight away 395 yard par four. A tee shot down the left side is ideal to have an unobstructed shot at the green.

The par four second is a great test of skill at 374 yards. The 90 degree dogleg left requires a precise tee shot as water runs down the entire left side. For those that don’t choose to cut the corner a fairway bunker protects the straight shot at 225 yards.

This challenging 152 yard par three is guarded by water along the left side as well as a deep bunker just to the left of the green. A typical Sanibel breeze can cause havoc unless judged correctly.

The fourth hole is a 377 yard par four with wetlands running along the entire length of the left side as well as out of bounds along the right. The green is protected by water to the right and bunkers on both sides.

Wetlands protect the entire left side from tee to green on the 395 par four fifth hole. Two greenside bunkers and water to the right of the green require a precisely placed approach shot.

The scenic par three measures only 148 yards but don’t let the short distance fool you. The green is narrow and is surrounded by wetlands and a hidden bunker on the right side. Short, but not easy.

The seventh hole is a 362 yard par four. While there is ample room in the fairway at 125 yards from the green; it narrows quickly as you near the lake guarding the green. A properly placed tee shot is a must!

While there is plenty of room in fairway, the view from the back tees on this 395 par four can be quite intimidating. Once safely in the fairway, you’ll be faced with a shot to a small green that is guarded by water on the right and a bunker to the left.

The ninth hole is a hard dogleg to the right par five measuring 522 yards. The tee shot is critical as a lake runs along the right side. You’ll also have to navigate around two fairways bunkers as you approach the narrow green.

Don’t let its length deceive you. While the green might be reachable for some on this 285 yard par four, be careful. A beautifully placed grouping of tree fifty yards short of the green make the tee shot a bit tricky and the green is protected by two strategically placed bunkers.

Short in length at 325 yards this par four can still be a tough par. Decide how much to bite off the dogleg right over water and steer clear of the large tree at the corner of the dogleg. There is a small fairway bunker on the left and bunkers on both sides of the green.

The twelfth hole is one of your better chances to make birdie. The 338 yard par four is straight away with a short approach to a green guarded by two bunkers.

There is not much room for error on this 155 yard par three. The bunker front left of the green wraps around the entire left side. Any ball left of the bunker will likely end up out of bounds. The right side is protected by a pot bunker.

The fourteenth hole is a slight dogleg left par four measuring 329 yards. A good tee shot avoiding the waste area on the left or the pot bunkers on the right will put you in a good position to make a run at a birdie. This long, narrow green is guarded by three greenside bunkers.

The fifteenth hole is the longest par four on the golf course measuring 433 yards. While straight away, the beautiful Sanibel River runs along the entire right side of the hole. Be careful to avoid the fairway bunker 200 yards off the tee. This tricky green is protected by two bunkers.

The 165 yard par three sixteenth is a beautifully designed hole. A bunker front left and a hidden bunker back left makes for a challenging tee shot.

The seventeenth is a slight dogleg left par four measuring 370 yards. Water is in play in front of the tee and wraps along the right side of the hole. There are also a couple fairways bunkers to contend with off the tee. Once safely in the fairway you’ll be left with a clear shot to the green.

The finishing hole is a great par five measuring 486 yards. The Sanibel River guards the right side of the hole and can come into play at any time. A waste area and well positioned lake are protecting the approach area short of the green. Players may give it a go in two but better judge their distance well.